6th September 2021

Integrity365 is redefining age with 55/Redefined

Integrity365 are delighted to announce our new partnership with 55/Redefined.

55/Redefined is on online member organisation determined to change the prevailing negative mindset around growing older and empower people to truly enjoy their lives. These brand values are wholeheartedly endorsed by Integrity365 as we strive to better understand the needs of customers over 55, offering expert solutions and building long-standing relationships with our clients.

Integrity365 have been selected as their exclusive financial planning partner, based on our in-depth knowledge, wealth of experience and attention to detail when it comes to providing Independent Financial Advice.

Whilst we advise all generations, we are proud to have specialist knowledge on key areas of later life financial planning. With SOLLA accredited advisers, we pride ourselves in offering expert advice tailored to your own individual retirement goals and circumstances.

Integrity365’s CEO Matt Goy states: “We are thrilled that Integrity365 has been selected as the exclusive financial planning experts for 55/Redefined, who share our ethos of providing a truly tailored service to our clients based on their individual needs. 55/Redefined has a goal to champion and empower this affluent group of older individuals, and are delighted to be part of their solution from the start. We are firm believers that your best of days are still ahead of you at age 55, and so hope to provide a more dynamic, modern approach to planning for later life.”

Get in touch with our Integrity365 advisers to discuss your own financial planning needs today on 0117 450 1300.

Find out more about 55/Redefined: https://www.55redefined.com/